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Summer Event at The Warren House Inn


This is 'Peter of the Pewter Pelt'

Peter mean 'stone' - dependable and sure - he is a strong personality and wears his pewter cape poudly. The pelt that clothes him is created from up to 3000 individual pewter 'hairs'.
The pewter is 92% tin and may have been found within Dartmoor itself, as tin ore was pounded or 'stamped' out of the granite stone. The impact of mining on the Dartmoor landscape from pre-Roman times to the 20th century is still clear to see.

'Peter of the Pewter Pelt' is here for his summer holiday, propping up the bar at the Warren House Inn near Postbridge.

He is a bit of a show-off and wanted to put his back into showing you his pewter pelt. A more suitable venue could not have been chosen (he's a bit of an old soak), as this was the popular hostelry for local tin miners until the last century. Also, so near to Crockern Tor, which was the open-air meeting place of the Devonshire Stannary Parliament from the 14th century.

Look out for brochures available around Dartmoor for lively people who want to be OTTER SPOTERS this summer.

The future of each otter, after their holiday on Dartmoor, will be decided by the highest bidders when they venture to Exeter for auction at the end of September.

"Happy Otter Spotting!"